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Wholesale Only in 2014


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Wholesale Container Nursery 

Growing Landscape Trees and Ornamental Grasses

Sample of Species grown in our nursery (all these have been potted or have emerged in seedbeds, others coming)

We can grow anything for you with enough notice.  We handle orders of over 1000 trees in containers. Please call to discuss options.

If you want to have  something different, choose one of our less common varieties of trees such as the Oliver Maple or Chinese Pistache and add a conversation piece to your business or home.

We have added some ornamental grasses to our portfolio.  Several to choose from to accent your landscape.

Approved for wholesale sales beginning April 2014.  We will be expanding portfolio as we grow our business.  

Acer (Maple)- Red Maple, Flame Amur, Oliver (Southern Japanese Maple), Bloodgood Japanese Maple, Tatar, Freeman's Maple, Green Japanese Maple, Silver Maple, Sugar Maple

Fruit - Red Delicious Apple, Fuji Apple, Bartlett Pear, Asian (Sand) Pear, American Red Plum

Quercus (Oak) - Shumard, Nuttall, Sawtooth, White Oak

Other Notable Trees -  Gingko, Eastern Red Bud, Bald Cypress, Empress, Crape Myrtle (Natchez-(white) & Muskogee (lavender purple), Chinese Pistache,  American Elm, Lombardy Poplar, Kousa Dogwood and others

Grasses - Miscanthus (Adagio, Zebra),  Pink Muhly, Elijah Blue Fescue, Mexican Feather grass, Purple Fountain Grass, others